An open letter to Prabhat Patnaik from members of Bodhi Marxist Studies Group

Bodhi Marxist Studies Group June 18, 2012

[Bodhi is publishing a letter written by a few members of the Bodhi Marxist Studies group to Prof. Prabhat Patnaik, in the context of media reports regarding a letter purportedly written by him. This letter does not represent the editorial opinion of Bodhi]

Dear Com: Prabhat Patnaik,

When a leading Marxist-Leninist intellectual and economist such as yourself, one whose wide-ranging and incisive interventions over the years have inspired generations, circulates a letter that refers to certain developments related to the CPI(M) in Kerala,1 we read it with great anticipation. We don't know if it has come to your attention, however, the mainstream media syndicate in Kerala, which routinely ignores your interventions in such insipid matters like imperialism, neo-liberalism and the socialist alternative, is working up quite a frenzy by extrapolating, misinterpreting and misrepresenting your words2. For anyone vaguely familiar with the contemporary landscape of Kerala politics, this is not surprising at all. The media syndicate's aim is clear - to encircle and defeat the CPI(M) and thereby neutralize the opposition to the feudal-big bourgeoisie alliance that is ruling Kerala.

First of all, we salute you for deciding to speak at the Chintha Ravi Memorial Seminar in Kozhikode and not to bow to the threats made by certain anti-CPI(M) intellectuals. Com: Ravi's interventions in waging an uncompromising struggle against the ruling class and its multifarious hegemonic apparatus in Kerala is a legacy that should be kept alive and strengthened. There are few people more qualified to speak on this than yourself. It's not at all surprising that there is an effort to stop you from participating because that is exactly the sort of informed political engagement that the opponents of CPI(M) wish to curtail in order to further their agenda.

However, your short letter poses several questions that we wish to bring to your attention. Unfortunately many of us are unable to listen to you in person in Kozhikode, thus we can only hope that you get access to this letter through the open veins and tubes of the Internet that have not yet succumbed to the twin pressures of vulgar commoditization and curtailment of democratic freedoms. We want to pose three questions.

First of all, we ask you to explain and perhaps define what you mean by "feudal-Stalinism". We find that construct, irrespective of whether it applies to CPI(M) or not, quite problematic to say the least. One may accuse Joseph Stalin of several shortcomings and crimes, indeed many have done so, however the conflation of Stalinism with feudalism appears to be quite illogical. Perhaps the short form of a private correspondence that has been thrust into public view does not accord enough room to delineate what you mean by such a term and we certainly understand that. However, now that it is in the public-realm, we urge you to provide clarity. It is even more important, because this is exactly the fault-line that the mainstream media and intellectual lackeys of the ruling classes seek to establish between CPI(M) who they picture as “an undemocratic and Stalinist organization”, a "killer-party" as one of them put it - and the "rest of the left", who are genuine, democratic in nature and yet marginalized.

Secondly, independent of the validity of the feudal-Stalinist construct you propose, can you clarify what are the feudal, Stalinist or feudal-Stalinist trends you have encountered in connection with CPI(M)? We ask this in all earnestness because while you have correctly theorized the problems of empiricization in the CPI(M) and the various ways in which it manifests, none of it hardly qualify as worthy of “falling prey to” feudalism or Stalinism. It is indeed a strong claim, an unfair one we would argue, that should only be made on the basis of a clear argument and supporting evidence. If you are privy to concrete evidence to support your claim, we urge you to bring it forward into the public realm so that not only do the people get an opportunity to examine it, but the CPI(M) also gets the opportunity to explain its position.

We believe you have done a great service yet again by exposing the ever-looming threat of bourgeois liberalism in corroding the ambitious and rather audacious project of building socialism. This is indeed very much in line with your writings on this topic that have for instance thoroughly exposed the advice to CPI(M) from liberal left quarters to reform itself3. However, we would like to ask you to weigh in on how much more of a danger bourgeois liberalism and its attendant set of reformist deviations pose to the communist movement in India, compared to a widely-discredited Stalinism? We don’t know if it has come to your attention, however, we have been quite dismayed to see Com: V.S. Achuthanandan capitulate to the reformist virus by insisting that the only recourse for CPI(M) members and supporters to protest police repression and victimization is through judicial appeals.4 The fact that his repeated public pronouncements is happening in the context of a media witch hunt that portrays CPI(M) as antithetic to the democratic fabric in India is not just unfortunate, because it is deeply sectarian and opportunist, but it is also alarmingly indicative of the parliamentary reformism that has to be isolated and defeated.

We look forward to your response to these questions.

Lal salam,

Arun Ramachandran
Balakrishnan M
Birenjith P.S.
Deepak R.
Kiran Chandramohanan
Nandu Gopan
Parvathy TK
Prasanth Radhakrishanan
Pratheesh Prakash
Rajeev T.K.
Sreeram H.

  1. The undated letter attributed to Prabhat Patnaik can be seen republished in Pragoti on 05/16/2011

  2. Some of the headlines have read “Feudal tendency in CPI(M) - Patnaik” (Madhyamam), “Situation in CPI(M) painful - Prabhat Patnaik (Mathrubhumi)”, “Patnaik criticizes that CPI(M) Kerala leadership is on a feudal-Stalinist path”(Malayala Manorama). 

  3. In particular, we would like to highlight the article titled “Advice to Communists - Should the Left become social democratic?” pubished in The Telegraph on 24-May-2011 and “Socialism or Reformism?” accessible at 

  4. “VS fires another salvo at CPM leadership”, Daily Pioneer, 25-May-2012. 

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A last effort to see if

A last effort to see if Prabhat is brave enough. Else brand him too a Maoist. ' to protest police repression and victimization' - what should the police do then? Is TP the victim or Kunjananden the victim?

@Anonymous, in case you

@Anonymous, in case you haven't noticed Maoist (or Communist or Trotskyist or Marxist-Leninist) is not a slur word around here. The remainder of your comment betrays your true "left radical" inclination. If you want to convince the world about the good intentions and deeds of Kerala Police, please also come prepared to explain

The comrades who asked the

The comrades who asked the questions are unaware of the situation in Thalassery, Panoor, Vadakara area. Before criticising Com.V.S, please try to collect the opinions from these parts. The truth can't be hidden so long. Even if you translate this whole thing, the common man won't understand your technical words regarding our Party. It's utter stupidity to believe that Onjiyam visit has made some adverse impact on Neyyattinkara. I don't want to disclose my identity, since the leadership's intolerance to criticism can be so dangerous.

@Well-wisher The critical


The critical remark regarding of VS has got nothing to do with the public opinion in any part of Kerala. Correctness is not a matter of popularity, like one of those TV news SMS polls.

Btw, you should also try speaking for yourself, before you judge that the "common man" in Kerala has also your level of political awareness and intelligence. While you are at it..please try to read up on some basics of Marxism and get to understand how to analyze the state and it's institutions before playing the sectarian, "I am the true communist" card. That may fool readers of Ma- publications, not many here.

You never ever like being

You never ever like being criticised. Hats off guys ! ,It is easy for you to vomit your 'opinions' rather than trying to analyse what's going on there. The way in which you have replied itself shows your 'superiority' complex. I am from Kannur, and personally know what's going on there. :) Never ever underestimate the people.

Stereotype of "True communist"

1. "You never like being criticized" - How do you come to this conclusion?
2. "The way in which you have replied itself shows your 'superiority' complex" - Or did you feel inferior?
3. "I am from Kannur, and personally know what's going on there." - If a person hails from Kannur, does he/she know everything happening in Kannur? If a person hails from India, does he/she know everything happening in India?
4. "Never ever underestimate the people." - Who underestimated people?
All the above shows typical characteristics of the stereotype "True communist". Good show, man! Maybe you can improve next time.

surprised & disappointed by

surprised & disappointed by this note.Analysis of day today politics in a theoriticalperspective is certainly laudable.But what is happening in the street is equaly important.Contrast between Karat & Mani is too stark.

May be you need to read an

May be you need to read an article before trying to comment on it. A private letter by a leftist leaked by media and another group/person asking him clarification on the terms used by it. What has done that to drag Karat and Mani and draw the comparisons. Or if you have a perennial itch of vomiting wherever,whatever right wing media has fed you, try some other place. Come to context or.......

Mr Joy, I dont know

Mr Joy,
I dont know which part of the world you belong to but I am from a village in North kerala and my views on the way cpim is functioning at grass root level in this part of the world are based on first hand experience.Arrogance & intolerance in your reply is no different from what I have been seeing in many local apparatchiks.
I follow this forum quite regularly and appreciate the effort of the people behind this.Even if 'Bodhi commons' totally ignores the murder of T.P Chandrasekharan ,not many would find any fault with that.But Pinarayi's letter to mahaswethadevi & Pinarayi.s article on T.Ps murder got published in 'Bodhi'.Though Prof.Patnaik's e-mail dint get any space,an academic analysis on the content of the same appeared .Again, spirit of that e-mail has not been touched upon.It is in this context that I posted my comment.

It doesn't matter which area

It doesn't matter which area I come from. I didn't know "coming from North kerala" is a license to post troll comments and of course arrogance must be asking to read the article. If you want to blame CPM for the T.P murder do it, but please don't compel everyone to believe the same. I have read the most concrete analysis of the same in Bodhi itself in an earlier article "Left, right and wrong" which was written by someone from Onchiyam itself. But your selective vision may not see it. If a site decides not to publish a private letter as it is but to decide to discuss its relevance, I would definitely go with that.

Truth is always bitter. You

Truth is always bitter. You don't need to hear Prabhath Patnayik or go to Kannur to know what is Stalinist feudalism. Just go to any arts and science college in Kerala which is an SFI strong hold, ask the students if any of them can question the SFI leaders or what was the consequence when last time some one did it , you can have a first hand experience of what is Stalinist feudalism is. Any criticism which is relevant or not is crushed with an iron hand and leaders are unquestionable. If you raise your voice against it inside or outside, be prepared to thrown out or manhandled. They became leaders not because of their organization capability or ideological commitment to Marxism , but because of their ability to threaten and manhandle people and their close proximity to some higher ups in the party. In action, many of them were similar to feudal landlords.

I studied in such a college and I know what it is. When I was a student, I used to wonder what will be the future of the party when such people becomes party leaders. When we see past SFI leaders like Abdulla Kutti and Sindhu Joy today, we know the outcome of such tendencies. Our party and the SFI has played an important role in transforming Kerala to what is today now. But for many years we are now going through the same Stalinist path that resulted in the collapse of the Soviet Union and other socialist countries. It s high time to introspect and correct those mistakes.

We are all ears

I am really surprised that this "open letter" has been misinterpreted as an opinionated critique of Com. PP's view point. It clearly states the highest regard we have for Com.PP and his works. However we are apprehensive about the circumstances in which this "nugget of information" [alleged leaked email] came out in public sphere and the way incidental/sensationalist media ran with it. We are curious and eager to know what Com PP meant by "feudal-Stalinism?" Com PP's is unparalleled in his observation of the Leftist movements in India. He parlays his keen observation into clear concepts which are oft-required for course correction in practices. Recent example that comes to my mind his theory on empricization in party [mentioned in the article]. The clarity and depth in which he brought out his view point was amazing. However this "feudal-Stalinist" passing comment lacks all of the attributes we usually associate with him. I would be really surprised if he meant a SFI area committee secretary giving stink-eye to an obscure college dude as "feudal-Stalinism" OR urban myths about "killer" party from Kannur as feudal-Stalinism. Seems everyone from Kannur these days have 100 such stories to tell. Anyway, we are all ears.

Debate should certainly continue

Debate should certainly continue. Instead of asking Prabhat to provide examples, if we really want to get instances of feudal –Stalinism we may need to do in depth- in house study of the functioning or organizing ways in some areas like garbetta or keshpur (this is not to reach any conclusion about anybody which should be left to proper process of law and jurisprudence) in west Bengal at its extreme form as it is alleged to be; the purported hegemony of this way of functioning or organizing on other parts of Bengal that even state leaders who are neither feudal nor Stalinist have to give atleast mute acceptance to it as it is alleged to be. It would be also interesting to know how feudal elements rear their heads in form of Stalinism or anything else even in places where some basic restructuring in form of land reforms etc. have already taken place.
The respondents can only be people involved or sympathetic to the party (for that is what the subject of discussion here is) but definitely there has to be a surprise and scientific element about the whole study to get a genuine response and analysis. The report may only be presented to concerned people in the party at every level if it is strongly felt that this could just become a tool in the hands of imperialist agents for their ever ready false generalization and propaganda against communists. But it should be ensured that report becomes a basis for acknowledging truth, knowing causes behind it, taking real appropriate action and also for genuine rectification wherever needed. This report could also at the same time expose the bankrupt and terror politics of opponent parties in those places but this should not become an excuse to not do a genuine scientific study on this, in a little surprising way, to know …
yes debate and study can also should also happen vis-a-vis Prabhat'S idea of empiricization or bourgeois liberalism that we feel is also rearing their heads time and again... doubt everything...


Nice wordplay. It's a wonderful technique, spectacularly effective in diverting attention from the real issue. As Marx said "The mode of expression, you see, is everything. Nominibus mollire licet mala." In Malayalam we would call this technique "aadine pattiyaakkuka".

Following TP Chandrasekharan's murder, we all saw how hard the party 'intellectuals' tried hard to justify the act through their words as well as their silence. That CPIM 'intellectuals' speak for their party ( or should i call it their religion?) does not surprise me. What surprises me is that they have lost all semblance of humanism. That is sad, disturbing and horrifying. For all its difficulties in implementation, most of the followers of Communism/Socialism across the world are drawn towards it due to its inherent humanism.

One hopes that you will introspect, at least someday in the future and figure out where you went wrong. That the CPIM is the hegemon of the left in Kerala does not mean that its 'edicts' in any way are definitive as far as leftism is concerned. It survives merely because it is the least of many evils. It would be good if you do not forget this little fact.

Lal Salaam, Comrades!

was that laal salaam supposed

was that laal salaam supposed to be emotional , with tears and all?? like suresh gopi say in some movies??
quoting Marx is a nice way to start an opinion. People will think you know the s*** you are talking about. Kudos! Nice try
Then about the inherent humanism. Communism is humanist because it liberates common man from all the chains of the current system via economical equality. You must have heard about it I am sure. People all across the globe are drawn towards it because of this. Its not just emotions and hormonal rage about inequalities and evils. its science. Its Marxism and Communism, the first being a way to study and analyze and the later being a target or Our dream system. Which evolves according to the needs of the society and everything. I am sure you know all this. But I also need to show off you know. Please bear with it. So for the common man to be liberated, the class struggle should continue and the party should be the spearhead of that struggle, if i quote lenin(not showing off. fact). But for the party to be such a condensed solid mechanism which leads a historically important duty, it is supposed be very solid. A thousand opinions and another thousand perspectives cannot be expressed outside the party, because it will not work for the things stated above. I am sure you know all this, just to be sure. So the party has a way of expressing it views. Comrade Stalin devised that system and its commonly known as(for my personal wonder, even in kannore) Leninism. So when a party member or a so called 'budhijeevi' expresses his opinion, it is supposed to be the opinion of the party. Not their personal fantasies based own half facts and stuff they hear around. Thats why they sound the same you genius. Thats why not everyone expresses they opinion coz the party has already expressed it.
And about the retrospect. Party has a way of doing it, interestingly its also called Leninism(even in malabar regions and in arrogant organizations like SFI, they follow it). they look back and try to see the mistakes . correct it in the action. It all happens inside. If u wanna be a part of it, get a *ing membership and sit in the discussions, You will see the communists criticizing each others back off, for the slightest mistakes they have made. so thats about retrospect
then abt hegemony and edicts. And ofcourse about humanism . again. We have seen how a communist party work for the most noble humanist purpose, freedom of the common man. thats done . then about leftism, that derived from a french assembly where the people spoke for the common man sat in the left where the nobles sat in the right. that means if u fight for the common man, u are a lefty. So far CPIM is in the left. then about the hegemony. CPIM is the strongest party in kerala with more membership than anyother party. Thats naturally gives them the right to lead the left front. So , when the majority has picked their ideals, party, the front and the leaders of it, who are you to say that they dont deserve it ha?
And at last, the most important one of all,"all its difficulties in implementation, ". what the f are you talking about??? I have no clue. What did you think? the struggle for freedom is a cakewalk? are you having PMS?? whats all this whining is about?? i dont usually comment in this site coz i feel people who talk here have read and know more than me. Anyway. thanks for giving me a chance. Kudos again !!

Reply to aaashaan

1."was that laal salaam supposed to be emotional , with tears and all?? like suresh gopi say in some movies??"
Ans: No

2."Its not just emotions and hormonal rage about inequalities and evils. its science."
Science? Really? Can you elucidate? I am curious.

3."But I also need to show off you know"
Sure. Please do.

4."So when a party member or a so called 'budhijeevi' expresses his opinion, it is supposed to be the opinion of the party. "
Why are you repeating my points?

5."Thats why they sound the same you genius. Thats why not everyone expresses they opinion coz the party has already expressed it."
Please tell me where I have written that party members need to 'express' different opinions.

6."Party has a way of doing it, interestingly its also called Leninism"
What does a name matter? All that matters is that you do it.

7."If u wanna be a part of it, get a *ing membership.."
Thanks for the invite, but i don't want your *ing membership.

8."We have seen how a communist party work for the most noble humanist purpose, freedom of the common man"
Yes. I saw that in Singur, Nandigram.

9."So far CPIM is in the left"
Sure, where did i say otherwise? I think you yourself have doubts about this?

10."that means if u fight for the common man, u are a lefty."
I agree.

11."Thats naturally gives them the right to lead the left front"
It gives them a right to lead what is called the LDF. But that does not give them a prerogative to decide how leftist thought should go.

12."So , when the majority has picked their ideals, party, the front and the leaders of it, who are you to say that they dont deserve it ha?"
Ans: I am an individual with my voice still intact. Being bossy is not a good technique in an argument. Please polish your skills. Or else you may kill yourself with your own weapons.

13."And at last, the most important one of all,"all its difficulties in implementation, ". what the f are you talking about??? I have no clue."
I will not repeat the Sandesham dialogue and say "Polandil enth sambhavichu?" But there are many other things. One just needs to look at history. Remember, I did not say that i was impossible or even infeasible.

14."What did you think? the struggle for freedom is a cakewalk?"
Ans: No, I do not think so.

15. "are you having PMS?? whats all this whining is about?? "
Sexist. For this one line I'll call you an a**hole. Perhaps your party needs to look into its sexism a little more carefully, but that's just a suggeston. I'm sure they are debating about all these things.

16."i dont usually comment in this site ..."
Oh really? Why spare this site? I think the world needs more of your kind of thinking.

17."..coz i feel people who talk here have read and know more than me."
They may have read more, but do they know more? Knowing is more than reading, wouldn't you say?

18."Kudos again !!"
Sure. Laal salaam!!


* In 13)it is "Remember, I did not say that it was" not "Remember, I did not say that i was"

grow up

We have got a couple of comrades here who cant stand even a slightest criticism on their political belief.Offcourse, they are entitled to believe that cpim can never err.But the intensity of their conviction is no license to abuse and belittle others who are posting different opinion.Everyone should mind their language too.

You are right !

''We have got a couple of comrades here who cant stand even a slightest criticism on their political belief.'' Absolutely right Anonymous :) Congrats to Roshan & other comrades who raised their voices against the party leadership in JNU. For a communist, it is not necessary to have brilliant brains like you great leaders, it's enough to have a loving heart. ( commented formerly as 'well-wisher' )

I did that reply to the

I did that reply to the person who posted under the title'brilliant'. I apologize for behaving that way and for not making my points without the fat and cholesterol appeared. Which in fact made my points easy to counter. So this is me, trying to grow up.I Apologize again.
your mode of answering was interesting, but you have sunken some questions i asked, by masking it ,mocking my ridicule. So.I will try to express what i wished to say in a decent way. bad. unimportant statement.
2.Yes. Marxism explains that the history has not been made by single heroes or supreme powers. but by common man. The working class decided the way of growth of human kind and history. he has elucidated in his works with examples of class struggles and events from history. please he has made some points and proved with examples. does it not qualify for a title of science? And i have scene a published work of Engels where he applied dialectics in various fields of science. And that's also related to this point right?
3. again my bad.
4.I didn't know that was your point.I thought, you said they tried to explain party's stand without condemning it. So .What were you trying to say? i am confused.
5.You said it when you expressed your opinion, which says party members have to pick the right thing despite what the party's public statement says.Your opinion was that, the party lost its semblance in humanism and you wanted the intellectuals to respond based on your assumption. Is this clear?
6.Its called sarcasm. My bad it didn't get through.
7.Its not my membership. Its the membership in cpim . It could , may be, get you a more closer place to state your disapproval which could in turn make them a better party (may be)
8.There was no issue in singur, or atleast thats what i heard. Nandigram. I guess the party has already apologized for it. No bad deed goes unpunished eh?
9. i was trying to prove that to you. what did you think? i was thinking out loud. i wasnt.
10. we agree. glad
11.I dont really get the idea. who said cpim is trying to control the leftist agenda? they interfere only with the agenda of LDF and cpim itself right? and if the leftist are somewhere else or are standing alone elsewhere, what is this LDF consist of?
12.yes. i have lost my voice, which i sacrificed so that i could strengthen the voice of a class. Because my voice alone doesnt matter. Because Engels told me, quality changes only when a respective change in quantity happens. I didnt try to be bossy either. If i was, i wouldnt have tried to bother with a reason or reply. right? isnt that logical? sorry if i offended you.
13.And you quote 'sandesham'. Nice.
15.i really thought you were a girl. And may be the irresponsible arguments i made above could be related to that train of thought you know. A little Freud and Desmond Morris will help. And i was just trying to understand the reason of your apparent instability and lack of ground to substantiate your own points. Its all their in science that, sometimes these hormones could effect our thought process. I am not a sexist. i swear. Period :D
16. aah, now you are getting a hang of sarcasm. Good. Thanks for the compliment anyway. And in fact there are a lot more people who share my ideas already in this 'world'. Its just that i am the indecent one who took an effort to reply.
17.Its statistically less probable. Thats my 'opinion'.
18.Laal salaam. see we have made each other fellow comrades. The result of a discussion with opinions rather than the attempts to condemn the other side blankly.

I am humbled by the effort you took to reply to my mockery of this system. I should have respected the space bodhi provides to share ideas. And my apologies were to bodhi. not to you my friend. I still think you are not getting the bigger picture. May be thats just my opinion. Anyway, your emotional comment resulted in an emotional athyachaar by me. Which in turn, ended up in an actual discussion we were supposed to have. So i guess, thse efforts were fruitful .Cant wait to see ur reply.

Reply to above

Glad to see that you have come to your senses(somewhat).

My replies/ counter questions to some of your points:

2. All that you have said does not make Marxism a 'science' as in Physics, Chemistry etc. Perhaps you are thinking of the social sciences. But that is just a science by name. It is not a 'proven' kind of thing, if you get what i mean. Not that i ask for it. My comment was in response to your calling Marxism a 'science'. That word brings with itself a certain kind of credibility, which cannot be applied to Marxism.

To get an idea of what the word is supposed to mean, please see

4. & 5. My problem is this : All Budhijeevis speak in one voice and proclaim the 'will' of the party. Their stand is based on the axiom that 'the party is always right'. How do you know if this axiom is true? What if some other interests are at play, in determining the course of action of the party? Ofcourse you will scream "No! No!" but I will retain my right to be sceptical. Time will show which of us was right in this regard.

7. Ha, membership! Let me ask you a question. You seem to think that the CPI(M) somehow represents the working class. Tell me, what is the caste composition of the CPI(M) leadership? How many dalits are at the top of the party? How many women? For all the years of its existence, CPI(M) has been a party of the ordinary people led by an affluent upper class. Why do these lower castes and women never rise to the top of the party? Is it because they do not 'debate' well within? Why are those voices never heard? These people have supported the party forever; yet it does not seem as if the party pays much heed to them. Why?

As a rich, upper class, english educated Indian citizen I can easily get a CPI(M) membership and I can go very far. But that is not everybody's story. It is a party of differential oppurtunities. Why would anyone want to be part of it? Because it will lead us to a revolution? Do they believe in revolution these days?

8. They had to apologize. There was no other way.

We all saw the drama in Kinaloor when the LDF was in power in Kerala. Why did they do all that?

12. I always find the idea of many people talking in 'one voice ' quite funny. Sometimes it can even be dangerous. Why do you think talking in 'one voice' the CPI(M) way is different from speaking in 'one voice' the Fascist way? Why is your majority correct but Hitler wrong? What is your justification? Is it just a 'belief' in 'goodness', the emancipatory prowess of the party? Tell me, why is your belief different from a religion?

15. Every sentence betrays your sexism. Again and again. My sex is irrelevant in this discussion, yet you insist on drawing boxes and categorizing people based on prejudices. If this is the way you think, I have much reason to be suspicious of your way of resoning in general. Morris, seriously? Such bullsh he wrote, he thought the world revolves around the male. Perhaps you can read a little more widely and wisely.

"And i was just trying to understand the reason of your apparent instability and lack of ground to substantiate your own points. Its all their in science that, sometimes these hormones could effect our thought process"

For this I call you again: a**hole. Just for the record.

16."And in fact there are a lot more people who share my ideas already in this 'world'. Its just that i am the indecent one who took an effort to reply."

Same for me, too.

17."Its statistically less probable. Thats my 'opinion'."

Good to know where you stand. And I think you are wrong. Understanding need not always come with degrees, or even reading. (Though I think reading in general is quite useful).

We are at a critical juncture in history, where the human race is in danger of being overrun by its own greed. I have always looked at leftist movements with fascination because they seem to be the only people who seem to think of trying to change all these things. Nevertheless I have seen many of these movements being usurped ( in many ways and at many levels) by the forces of neoliberalism. Some of us would like to believe that this has happened/ is happening in the CPI(M). Whether the people within the party believe in that or not is another question. Those of us on the outside choose to wait and watch for signs of change. And when we see these signs we react. We may be utterly wrong, but we cannot let go of our vigilance. That is our only safety.

2. i have to study more about

2. i have to study more about Marxism to reply to that argument. Excuse my
4&5 . the way , party forms it course of actions is explained by Lenin. I
guess i have been saying that a lot. Are you being skeptical for the sake
of it? or is it that you really have problems with the way party forms it
opinions? is it that you find it weak, in a way external influences can
easily make it bend? i am not in the clear about your point. So rather than
being skeptical about the source or the way it is formed, you try to listen
to what they say, and see if its BS.
7. "As a rich, upper class, english educated Indian citizen I can easily
get a CPI(M) membership and I can go very far" .. okaaaay. Where is the
leftist i was talking to? Do you think CPIm work that way? i live in a
village and i have seen party a little bit. not as much as you have seen, apparently. this is new info for me. what
abt VS and Pinarayi? are they upperclass according to the norms that made
you upper? they are not rich. not that good with english, i know that. please explain
and i am really disappointed with this this one. Depressed.
8.okay. counter question. if people were getting relocated, was there a need for such a big issue. And what did all these result in?
what do u say abt mamta's reign now? why r u mum about the cpim people getting massacred there?
and what was the end result of the kinaloor issue?did they get the land? why was such a huge protest when the vs gov was handing out land.
did they get land now? why isnt there a protest now then? wasnt it a protest with hidden political agendas?
12.may be you have to learn about fascism also. Why is it ,the idea that a group of people can discuss and formulate a common opinion or idea, scares you? why is it wrong? I explained

the purpose of it already? why are you laughing at it? These people understood that , this is the way party works, and took their membership. "why is my majority correct, hitler wrong?'

dude? come on. He believed that the aryans were meant rule the world and other races didnt have the right to live. we believe that the working class is getting exploited in every which

way possible.we believe that they have the right to live free. there. Its not just a belief in goodness of the party. We know. And if everyone is expressing their personal opinion all the time,

then what good is that gonna bring? a feel of a democratic sphere? People just talking alot, without doing anything? Hows that good for the suffering? And you believe in a

singular'hero' concept. You dont get the idea of fighting together. Too obsessed with heroism and stuff of that sort i guess. You have to see a man with devine qualities get down from

the skies and fight for the poor. The idea that we have to take care of ourselves, scares you. And in an indirect way, you explained why YOU didnt do that for the 'lower class' , with your

'highly educated indian upperclass' speech to satisfy you ego. Like you had the talent and skills to save the world but you chose not to. There's some teeny tiny guilt deep somewhere

inside you, for not doing anything, eh mate? Its eating you out.
15. and i'm combining my answer with the abve point. Sexism. I'm not a sexist. I respect woman, when i see a woman who should be respected. just like any other human being. I treat

men and women the same, usually disrespectfully. I dont try to do good manners or anything unless i feel like they deserve it. what can i do. thats the way i am. You can see that in my

first reply to ur post. i insulted women as much as i insulted you. there's no sexism involved. Its just that i'm a rude a* person as you described. a* but not sexist.
lets see ur case. You pretended that you werent a sexist, that women should be treated respectfully. you couldn't even fathom jokes about that stuff. Okay. And about your dalit

activism. You think Dalits and women are below you. That they need an extra hand or support from you. That they are so weak. that if i sneeze around them, their life's gonna collapse.

Its that 'heroism' inside you talking. that they need your protection or something. read your last post again.
and you didnt know hormones could effect our thoughts? sorry that i broke your bubble. And morris didnt right that the world revolved around men. he just explained the anatomy of

humans and combined it with the history of sexual acts, behavioural patterns, psychology and all . Goodlord, you are skeptical to a medically certifiable level .
And You called me an a* again. One shouldnt insult the hero, right? he will be condemned for eternity. thanks. If you had said a good word about me, i would have lost all selfrespect .
16. I can show you stats to substantiate my point. what will you show? manorama subscription stats? or is it mathrubhumi? i know there are people who think like you.
17. you are ready to trust the people to come to the right conclusions, without being informed about the facts? that reading isnt a ncessity? i have never seen a person, who has such

an immense share of knowledge accumulated without reading. May be you are trying to justify your self. I dont know. Reading may not always illuminate people the way its supposed to

be. But i believe only reading can ,out of anything. Everything else can only aid in the process. i disagree with your opinion.

you call yourself a leftist and in the last para, you said you obserce the movement. You wont be able to observe if you are part of it. You are not trying to fight for the causes they are

fighting either. instead, what you are doing is, you call yourself a leftist. that gives you all the previlages of a leftist, and by default, you fight against all those 'evils' in others eyes.In fact

what you are really doing is, you just sit around, pick your teeth, and weeken the leftist movement and CPIm by your hollow acts of criticism. You dont want your criticism to make a

change. (thats why i asked you to make a change by being part of a movement). You just want to stay out of the group. You cant live out of the spotlight. You dont want your opinions

or anything to make change , as long as you get some attention . Thats why you love being skeptical
why would you and some others 'would like' to see CPIm is weakening. Whose side are you on really?
People inside party knows that no party is perfect. But they know that they have the next best thing. The have a system that has a self correction mechanism. That has democratic set up

inside. that can unite a large portion of the public despite their differences.
you and your 'others' who sit and watch, and comment about the actions of the people ,who are in the warfront, think you guys are right, right? what can i say man.
Your vigilance is a quiet funny thing. rich upperclass boys watching and correcting leftist movement in english. Can you provide malayalam subtitles? May be, us, lower class uneducated people of kerala might understand something.
And i will let you know about marxism after i read a little more. (m just 22 years old who's new to this democratic set up. i have a long way to go in reading. ) in the mean time, you meditate and formulate your answers outa blue sky. We will meet again.

Reply to aaashaan

My dear mr. 22 year old man, here is (hopefully) the last of my replies to you.

4,5:My original accusations stand. I think the CPIM is becoming a party of goons who facilitate things for the market. And that the so called budhijeevis have become machine who can justify any act of insanity.

7.Excuse my "upperclass" usage, i meant "middle class" and "upper-middle class". And more in relation to CPIM in the national stage(yechury karat and the banerjee mukherjee types) than kerala, which (due to various pre independence social/ caste movements) has a strong OBC presence in politics. But what have you to say about the political representation of women and dalits in thr 'progressive' CPIM?

8. Mamta killing? Really? She is mad and puts people in jail for no reason. But i don't think she kills, atleat not as much as the cpim did earlier. have you heard of the Marichjhapi massacre?

A brave deed by com Jyoti basu. I would like to know what the kerala cpim intellectuals have to comment on this.

12. I don't believe in a hero or anything. ( Ah, you think I'm a VS supporter don't you?) I understand resistance, i have seen it and have been part of it also.

"There's some teeny tiny guilt deep somewhere inside you, for not doing anything, eh mate? " No darling; i am doing my bit, so don't worry about me. Just that I'm not in the CPIM.

I agree about the working class bit. There was no argument about what is written in the CPIM rules, I think they were written with good intentions. But don't you see that there is a difference between what is written and what people actually do?

15. Sexism is a subtle thing. You'll have to see things a little more clearly before you understand why i called you that. But you're young, you have time; you can read and think.Please do. And not Morris.

"you couldn't even fathom jokes about that stuff" Yes i can. But who decides what is funny? Would a joke about fat people be funny to fat people? Just think about it. And yes, hormones do affect you. But how do you know in what way? More clearly: You claimed that PMS makes a woman whiny, irrational and babbling. That was what I called sexist. If you can't see it, get a pair of glasses.

I have taken all this time and effort to reply to your argument, and I have tried my best to be coherent( which you have not done, sadly). It is quite difficult for me to reply because you have not organized your thoughts well; they are all over the place.(Please do not take it as an insult; it is merely a comment on your presentation. If you had presented your points in a better fashion, i could have reasoned better with you. But you are in a bit of a haze; your thoughts are cloudy.)

"Your vigilance is a quiet funny thing. rich upperclass boys watching and correcting leftist movement in english. Can you provide malayalam subtitles? May be, us, lower class uneducated people of kerala might understand something."

Now you think I'm a boy? lol.
The question is not the language; it is what is said in the language.
Thanks for the puchcham. So sweet of you. But I do think the 'lowerclass' people of kerala do understand many things better than you or I. My grandmother, who was uneducated and worked as a labourer in the fields was a CPIM person. She never read Marx or Lenin, but she had a 'sense' of direction; she could tell right from wrong in many ways. She was a better communist than any other that i have met so far. And I don't think she would approve of many things the CPIM has done of late. That much i know.

"m just 22 years old who's new to this democratic set up. i have a long way to go in reading"
Yup. I think so, too. When I was 22, I was worse than you. Perhaps of my 'upperclass' upbringing, i guess. :D

Sure, we'll meet again.

what the CPIM hs been doing..
See the revolution dear friend. This is what we believe in.