Jallikattu : An Appraisal

Rahul N.

After following various responses by people for and against Jallikattu in the last one week, one glaring lacuna comes to the fore in these responses and most analysis. The lacuna arises due to the complete reduction of the Jallikattu protests to the individual merits and demerits of the sport. Amidst this cacophony, what is not properly accounted for are the reasons behind the ‘Jallikattu Movement’. Such responses also fail to understand that the protestors are not a homogenous body. This response tries to capture those aspects that were not communicated adequately through the mass media especially for those observers outside Tamil Nadu. >>

11 weeks, comments


An intervention from the Union Government is essential

N. K. Premachandran

Once again, Kerala is haunted by a 126 year old water lease treaty and the 115 year old Mullaperiyar dam. Every year, the floods that accompany the onset of the south eastern monsoon lead to increased water levels in the dam. The nightmarish scenarios that may result from such an increase are a constant reminder to the people of Kerala- of the fragility of their lives. >>

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Loudness of an Obituary: “Writer Perumal Murugan is Dead”

Sruti M. D.

The controversy over writer Perumal Murugan’s novel Madhorubagan and the suicidal death of the writer within him have generated discussions in the literary space. Some consider that Pe. Murugan has succumbed to attacks on him and is not fighting back to regain his freedom to write, but the strategy he has employed is in silencing himself and making the deaf hear with his words, “The writer Perumal Murugan is dead.” We can only hope that the writer in Perumal Murugan rises to life again like a phoenix from the ashes; and that can happen if we extend our solidarity and support him. >>

2 years, comments