WikiLeaks for the rest of us

Rajeev T. K. December 7, 2010

When someone's bold enough to speak the truth and nothing but the truth - what should be done? Hunt down Julian Assange like Osama Bin-Laden, says Sarah Palin, the self-declared queen of the free world. Let's freeze his group's bank account, says the Swiss Banks, Mastercard and We'll shut down their website, says Give us a warrant and we'll do the rest says the British and Australian governments.

There are clear indications that he is being victimized on ridiculous charges of having unprotected, consensual sex on. As John Naughton says, in his piece in The Guardian

What WikiLeaks is really exposing is the extent to which the western democratic system has been hollowed out. In the last decade its political elites have been shown to be incompetent (Ireland, the US and UK in not regulating banks); corrupt (all governments in relation to the arms trade); or recklessly militaristic (the US and UK in Iraq). And yet nowhere have they been called to account in any effective way. Instead they have obfuscated, lied or blustered their way through. And when, finally, the veil of secrecy is lifted, their reflex reaction is to kill the messenger.

When information leaks out of institutions of power, out into the commons, real democracy prospers. It's only natural that those in power cannot handle that. Turns out that a leaked condom is a perfect weapon in their hands to suppress free speech as anything else.

[UPDATE: Dec 8, 1140 hrs IST]

This is a fast moving story. Nothing beats this challenge from Glenn Greenwald at to "get through this State Department Press Release without repeatedly cackling aloud". Even that can't possibly prepare you for what comes next. PTI is reporting that Shashi Tharoor has denounced WikiLeaks as "unethical, wrong and anti-peace". Yes, that's right. Anti-Peace. What a fine United Nations Secretary General he would've made!

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Indeed, History is full of

Indeed, History is full of such bloody instances, whenever any one dared to speak up the truth, it has always rattled the paranoid powerlords. And that is happening precisely in the case of Julian. But these superpower states are not realizing that the direction and path set by Wikileaks is going to act as torch for may burgeoning freedom loving freaks who understand well, how masses are controlled by the modern nation states falsely in the name of Democracy, while actually serving the interests of handful of corporate-political cartels. The era of Freedom of information even the one kept secretive under the refuge of serving national interests has dawned and its not going to stop.


Satirical Masterpiece

Hilary Clinton's speech on Internet freedom. "satirical masterpiece" according to John Naughton. You will get a kick out of it .... :-) :-)

Wikileaks exposes to the

Wikileaks exposes to the world that the so called 'diplomatic relations' between the countries is built on an bed of lies and false communications. We need more of this kind of whisle-blowers like Julian Assange or Daniel Ellsberg (who leaked pentagon papers during Vietnam war) to throw light into the facts, and expose the true agenda of the 'West', who portray themselves as the proponents of freedom and democracy, and axis of world order.

We all believe in the infalliability of wikileaks do we?

Yeah. The so called leaked cables published by a private party represents "the truth, and nothing but the truth"? You should go back to watching reality TV, because that is exactly what Wikileaks is all about. If you are so enthused by all the transparency crap, why don't you share your bank transaction statements online? Or leak your conversations with your wife in the public domain? You wouldn't, right? But the rest of us would really love the entertainment. It is ironic that you would cry if Google were to publish your internet search history, but demand the government sit back and allow Julian Assange violates the right to privacy of US diplomatic corps. Shove your socialism back into your shit hole.


In Sweden's human rights rceord! None RULE OF LAW!In the prisons full of political prisoners!All the power structures as the police, courts, prosecutors, prisons in the hands of feminist women Justice Minister Beatrice Ask.Further down the women went the feminist organization.Began to write new laws contradicted human rights . I personally have been sentenced to imprisonment with the wording: The alleged crimes of the type often no direct witnesses or technical evidence. Smut not on this court can impose a sentence based on the validation of statements by the victim. Based on this decision, the court shall render a new decision on deprivation of the rights to her daughter.Sweden State the dictator of feminism!How can you give a man (Julian Assanges) the state in which there is no justice? A human right is the rights to a fair trial, which provide Sweden in mind their political system don’t! Sincerely, Ivar Kunsinsh.+46 70 0958810 Speak Russian and Swedish.

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