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Pragoti: The 'New' Opium of the Masses
In the days of 24x7 media, it is not merely the match day or hour but the entire tournament is lived moment by moment 24x7. All the major issues of the country, rise in oil prices, corruption, scams etc are pushed to the background when the IPL is on. What better way to serve the government!

4 years

People's Democracy: Venezuela Unveils Revolutionary Labour Law
R Arun Kumar writes about the new labour law that Hugo Chavez, president of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, signed on International Labour Day. The new law defines work as a social process, guarantees minimum wages, right to organise, strike and ensures equality in work place is seen as the most important piece of legislation since the Bolivarian constitution of 1999.

4 years

The Hindu: India's god laws fail the test of reason
In 864 CE, the great physician, Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Zakaria al-Razi, wrote: “The miracles of the prophets are imposters or belong to the domain of pious legend. The teachings of religions are contrary to the one truth: the proof of this is that they contradict one another. It is tradition and lazy custom that have led men to trust their religious leaders. Religions are the sole cause of the wars which ravage humanity; they are hostile to philosophical speculation and to scientific research. The alleged holy scriptures are books without values”. Praveen Swami writes.

5 years