The communal agenda beneath the 'developmental face' of BJP is coming out to the fore at a fast pace. The revival of the idea of 'Love Jihad', and the encroachment into public life through moral policing are glaring examples of the strategies that the Hindutva outfits use for pushing their agenda. An analysis of these two ideas reveal the underlying thread that connects them.

[Editorial Team Note: 75 years after his death, Antonio Gramsci (January 22, 1891 – April 27, 1937), the famous Italian Marxist Leninist, remains one of the beacons for left-progressive politics. This biographical sketch is the first in a series of articles that review and critically engage with Gramscian thought and lessons for contemporary praxis.]

Julius Fučík was a man who was murdered twice. He was murdered in flesh by the Nazis, desperate to silence the resistance of which he was a part. Four decades later, he was murdered in spirit by his own countrymen desperate to prove their loyalty to their new found faith- corporate capitalism. Yet, Fučík and his works refuse to wither away into history. His words still have the power to invigorate and inspire the human spirit; his words still haunt the enemies of freedom. The lucid clarity and the absolute conviction of his works are hallmarks of Fučík.