The ongoing Lok Sabha elections are tipped to be a face-off between secular and communal parties. But given the gravity of the situation, isn’t it a bit surprising that nobody has been talking about the left parties in general and the CPI(M) in particular which have upheld secular credentials throughout their history? Along with this, it is the alternate development model and a pragmatic vision, as stated in CPI(M)'s manifesto that makes it different from other parties in the fray.

The internet has become the virtual battleground for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. Any web page of utility is flooded with campaigns and slogans of major political parties. The leading figure in the battle however is the BJP Prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi. Using the media (print & virtual) efficiently, BJP has put forward the agenda that Narendra Modi is the only person capable of leading this country and lifting its ‘pride’. Rallying on the word ‘pride’ is not new to Modi. Remember the elections immediately after the Gujarat Pogrom in 2002?